Benchmark Tools

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Multimedia | Monitor | Network | Video | Misc | Monitoring | Online | Notebook
Archive | Tweaking and Overclocking
Palm | Pocket PC

Common - a kind of "all-in-one", here you'll find Sandra, AIDA, Dacris Benchmarks, and the such.

CPU - these programs will test and identify you processor (CPU-Z, WCPUID, SysID, etc.).

Hard Disk Drive - here you'll fine everything you need to test your HDD or flash device.

Hard Disk Drive 2 - HDD diagnostic utilities developed by HDD manufacturers.

RAM - memory tests.

Multimedia - programs to work with multimedia devices, such as CD, DVD, sound cards, etc.

Monitor - programs to test and adjust your monitor.

Network - network diagnostics or programs, which use a network.

Video - video subsystem benchmarks.

Miscellaneous - applications, which don't fit anywhere else.

Monitoring - system monitoring tools.

Online - Online tools.

All programs on one page (as before, big file!).

Palm - benchmarks and diagnostic tools for Palm OS devices.

Pocket PC - benchmaks and diagnostic tools for Pocket PCs.

Notebook - software designed especially for Notebook PCs.

Motherboard - software to control, tune and diagnose motherboards.

Tweaking and Overclocking - software to tweak and overclock different subsystems.

Archive | Tweaking and Overclocking - discontinued products, no longer available for download.

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