Hot CPU Tester

Version: 3.1 (Lite edition)
Release date: 20.02.2002
Developer: OpusWare Enterprise, Inc.

  Up for review today we have the Hot CPU Tester Pro 3.1 (lite edition). This comes from the folks over at Opusware enterprise Inc. This program is available in two versions, the Pro 3.1 version and the lite version. We will be testing the lite version today. The program tips the scales at 1.1 megabytes so downloading is fast and easy. The difference between the two versions is the exclusion of some of the testing modules on the free version. The program also introduces a new technology known as DefectTech, which can test components accurately, and detect all potential errors on a system. As for the tests themselves they consist of different testing modules on a separate thread. These threads all run at the same time to tax the entire system to the max. This ensures all the systems components are working together and in harmony. In the benchmark section you will able to see exactly which individual components passed or failed the tests. These tests include: Integer Benchmarks – Floating point Benchmark – MMX –MMX+ - SSE+SSE2 – 3Dnow – 3Dnow+ - Memory Benchmark. As you can see no matter what system you have whether it is Intel based or AMD the Hot CPU program tests all aspects of the system. This program can also test systems with multiple processors. Is that cool or what?

Hot CPU Tester - Diagnostic Tab

  One of the neater features of this program is the certification tab. With this option you can obtain a digital certificate for a system that has passed the six-hour and above test. This certificate verifies the entire system has been tested and is stable under hard conditions. The certificate is valid for one month from the date it was issued. One possible use I see for this is for system builders. A vendor or individual selling a system can now demonstrate the quality and stability of a system. This would be very appealing to consumers who can now be sure they are getting a well-built system, and not just a collection of new parts thrown together.

Hot CPU Tester - Benchmark Tab

  The machine I choose to test the program on is a P3 coppermine system running at 998 Mhz. It also has 256 Megs of ram from crucial and a geforce 2 graphics card and a 20 Gig Western Digital hard. The reason I tested on this system instead of a new AMD based system I just built, is this. On the BenchmarkHQ homepage there is a survey that asks how fast your processor is. I took the survey and found that over 36% of you are running a processor in the 500-1000 Mhz range. So to reach the broadest range of users I choose to test on this system. I will test on my new system soon though and try to add the results at a later date.

Hot CPU Tester - Options

  Now for the actual testing. I ran Hot CPU Tester for the full 6 hours and experienced no crashes or instability issues. All the components tested passed. By the way, Hot CPU Tester is a good name for this program because my processor did get hot!! But that's a good thing. I cannot imagine any amount of web surfing or game playing that would bring down a system tested with this program. I also would recommend running the 6-hour or above test at night or while you are at work as you will not be able to use your computer until the test ends. After all the program uses 100% of your processing power.


  Overall I found this to be a well-written and effective program. I would not be afraid to buy a system with an electronic certificate from this program. I do recommend getting the Pro 3.1 version to fully test your system. As for the ability to test systems with multiple processors (up to four!) I am truly impressed. So go get the free version and if you like it upgrade to the Pro version. I think you will be pleased with the results.

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Aaron Pollard

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