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January-February 2003

[28.02.2003]AutoBench 3D 2.0 Beta has been updated! New in this release: resolution selection, minor GUI improvements.

New section at BenchmarkHQ! Visit our new Hard Disk Drive 2 section for diagnostic utilities developed by HDD manufacturers.

PassMark KeyboardTest 2.1 has been released! New in this version: function to test keyboards in batch mode, logging function, ability to specify compound keys in a keyboard layout file, command line option to specify a default keyboard layout.

[27.02.2003]AIDA32 Preview version 3.312 is available for download! It includes support for Intel Prescott processor (and its special features like IA SSE3 instruction set and Thermal Monitor 2), ATI Radeon 9100 video chipset, and a full translation to Swedish language.
[26.02.2003]SiSoftware, for for the last 7 years has produced no less than 20 versions of its award winning benchmarking software, Sandra. Now, the company has compiled a CD, which contains over 20 versions, from 1997 release on Windows 95 right up to the latest 2003 Professional. Ideal for the true Sandra enthusiast. The first 100 copies shipped are individually signed by Sandra's creator! Click here to learn more and buy!

Advanced Administrative Tools 5.55 has been released! It contains minor improvements and bugfixes.

CPUCooL 7.1.10 has been released! New in this version: many bugfixes, better handling.

[25.02.2003]HMonitor is available for download! New in this release: LowPowerMode for Nvidia nForce2 is supported, VIA KT400 throttling and LowPowerMode support restored, SiS 630, 730, SiS 961, 962 SMBus support, NS LM85 sensor chip support added, BIOS details tabsheet added into Settings window, Transmeta LongRun Northbridge support added, SMSC LPC47 family of multi I/O chips with fan monitoring is supported, etc.

Alchemy Eye 4.6 has been released! Here's what's new: MS Terminal Server monitoring, several minor improvements.

NetScanTools 4.31 has been released! New in this version: added filtering to NetBIOS tab to selectively limit the amount of digging through Windows domains, automated the List Domain feature on Name Server Lookup, added quick selection of NSLOOKUP options to Name Server Lookup, bugfixes, etc.

[24.02.2003]Intel Active Monitor 1.19 is available for download! This is an alerting utility created by Intel and available exclusively on Intel Desktop Boards. The Intel Active Monitor works with specialized sensors on your Intel Desktop Board to constantly monitor the system's temperatures, power supply voltages, and fan speeds. If temperatures become extremely hot or a system fan or power supply fails, the user is immediately notified.
MBMLog 1.8.4 has been released! MBMLog logs the values of the temperature, fan and voltage sensors of Motherboard Monitor and shows them in several diagrams.

[23.02.2003]Summing up the results of our poll I can say that most of our visitors have modern CD-Writers. The poll ended as follows:
How fast is your CD-Burner?
  1. 32x - 40x - 35.2%
  2. 16x - 24x - 25.7%
  3. 8x - 12x - 18.3%
  4. 4x - 7.6%
  5. Other - 13%
You can always find these results at their permanent address.
Now, here's a new question: Your next videocard will be... Please, vote!

[22.02.2003]CPU Grave 1.74 has been released! This version includes 5 new tests, HTML Report feature, bugfixes, etc.

[21.02.2003]NEW: Battery Eater 2003 is an utility that measures battery life of your notebook computer!

[20.02.2003]AIDA 2.00 and AIDA32 3.30 are now available for download! Both programs include: detection of SiS 655 and nVIDIA nForce2 chipsets, AMD Athlon XP (Barton) CPU, nVIDIA GeForce FX, nVIDIA Quadro FX and the future nVIDIA chips: NV31, NV31GL, NV34 and NV34GL, detection of CPU stepping for AMD and Intel processors, full support for i852GM, SiS 655, SiS 746 and VIA CLE266 chipsets, etc.
Additionally, AIDA32 3.30 supports more languages (now including Catalan, Gallegan, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Ukrainian).

[19.02.2003]NEW: Filemon monitors and displays file system activity on a system in real-time!

[18.02.2003]NEW: CHDDSPEED is a console utility, which tests the performance of various block devices!
Thanks to Nop!

[17.02.2003]UT2K3 Benchmark Utility 2.0 has been released! These are the key additions outlined for version 2.0: support for Windows 9x, support for Demo Testing (the Demo and the Full Version of UT2K3 can now be tested), support for OpenGL, support for more resolutions (resolution can now be check marked from 640x480 - 1600x1200), Custom Test option, results now output to an HTML file, completely re-coded and all bugs squished from the original release. More information about this release is available at [H]ard|OCP.

[16.02.2003]According to [H]ard|OCP, ATI issued an official statement on 3DMark03 that was released this week. The statement says: "ATI fully supports this new graphics benchmark, 3Dmark03. We feel it is a valuable diagnostic tool for estimating the performance of current and future graphics products when running future game titles (to be released over the next 1-2 years). We believe that using synthetic benchmarks such as 3DMark03 in combination with real applications and game benchmarks provides the most complete picture of the overall performance and value of graphics hardware."
Visit [H]ard|OCP for more information on this.

[15.02.2003]Here is the official Futuremark's response to all the discussions connected with the recent 3DMark03 release.

The interest in the recent 3DMark03 release has been phenomenal. We see the active discussion being a testimony to the importance of having neutral performance assessment tools available to independent media and consumers. In light of the interest, we feel that it is important to re-iterate the design process of 3DMark03 and other our products.
Our role as a benchmark developer is based on the fact that the computer industry and consumers need independent and neutral performance metrics. These tools should become publicly available as soon as new technologies arrive, in order to enable true apples-to-apples comparisons. They also should be easy to use that consumers themselves can run them to verify the results.
All Futuremark benchmark products are built in co-operation with our Beta Program partners, which consist of the major technology manufacturers (detailed information of the Beta Program is available from In order to make sure that all new technologies are measured in a correct and impartial manner, we work with all beta members who have equal access and opportunity for participating in the benchmark development.
A white paper is available that describes 3DMark03 in technical detail. It describes what is being measured, how it is measured and why. 3DMark03 is an accurate tool for analyzing the performance of current generation 3D accelerators. The white paper is publicly available for download from We will continue to support the previous product, 3DMark2001, as a solid measurement tool for benchmarking the previous generations of 3D accelerators.
3DMark03, as well as all other Futuremark benchmarks, are developed with uncompromising integrity and do not favor or discredit any particular manufacturer. We will gather all comments, concerns from all of our constituents worldwide. We will address all issues and/or concerns in the weeks and months ahead.

Tero Sarkkinen
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

[14.02.2003]As I promised, 3DMark03 Review is here!
And don't forget to tell us: what do you think about the new 3DMark?

Show Me The Colors! 4.5 has been released! It has an updated help system and is more stable. Note, this, and all future releases will be created in .NET, which mean they will need the Microsoft .NET Framework.

[13.02.2003]ASTRA 4.11 has been released! Here's what's new:detection of AMD Athlon XP (Barton), VIA C3 (Nehemiah), National Semiconductor Geode GX1 processors, detection of CD rotation control method, support for ATA/ATAPI-7 standard, including detection of Media Serial Number, Streaming Feature, General Purpose Logging, World Wide Name and others, support for DMI/SMBIOS 2.3.4 standard, support for PCI 2.3 standard, bugfixes, etc.
Do note that this version is available only to registered users. Click here to register.

[12.02.2003]OpenGL Extension Viewer 2.01 has been released! New in this version: added OpenGL Diagnostic Tool for testing OpenGL interfaces, added Texture Env. and Texture Combine parameters list.

[11.02.2003]3DMark03 has been released! As always, the new version contains a wealth of new features. Some of them are as follows:
  • Four all new game tests, presenting graphics quality of next generation games.
  • The fourth game test presents features of Microsoft DirectX 9 in a beautiful nature scene.
  • The 3DMark03 demo, which is based on the game tests, but contains additional eye candy and original soundtracks.
  • 3D sound test. A totally new test in the 3DMark series! 3D sound is an exciting part of modern 3D gaming; 3DMark03 can now assess the performance impact that 3D sound will have. The test runs a fixed scene with an increasing number of sound sources.
  • CPU test. An older but popular test has returned! The CPU plays a very important role in any 3D game so it is only natural for 3DMark03 to assess the impact that it has.
  • System Info utility, which provides an in-depth analysis of the status and features of the components in your PC.
  • Professional tools for image quality inspection, texture filtering quality testing, automated batch runs and a lot more.

For more detailed information on 3DMark03, please, look forward to our review!

CPUCooL 7.1.9 has been released! New in this version: new PLL's added, better handling, bugfixes.

[10.02.2003]Here's another piece of information about the forthcoming 3DMark03:
  1. In order to run the demo in 3DMark03, you need to have a graphics card that is capable of PixelShaders 1.1
  2. The file size of 3DMark03 is ~177MB

HD_Speed has been released!

[09.02.2003]On the threshold of the release of 3DMark03, Futuremark is publishing a HINT OF THE DAY, which reveals a piece of information about 3DMark03. So, here's what we already know:
  1. Minimum Graphics Card Requirement: DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics adapter that has 32MB of memory and is fully DirectX 7.0 compliant.
  2. Minimum CPU Recommendation: 1000MHz x86 compatible processor (PCMark2002 CPU score of over 2500).
  3. With a fully DX7 compliant card, you can only run 1 game test.
  4. With a fully DX8.0 compliant card, you can run 3 game tests.

[08.02.2003]CPU-Z 1.16 has been released! Here's what's new: support for AMD Athlon XP "Barton", Transmeta Crusoe series, Pentium 4 Engineering samples (ES) detection, Pentium 4 L1 cache context mode, Intel E7205 (Granite Bay) and E7500 chipsets support, northbridge and southbrige dump, several corrections and bugfixes.

AutoBench 3D 2.0 Beta has been updated! New in this release: interface changes, command line parser disabled, minor bugfixes.

System Analyser 5.2u has been released! New in this version: AMD Athlon MP, AMD Athlon Barton, AMD Athlon 64 ParisVIA C3 Nehemiah detection, support for Promise 3376 and Promise Ultra618 IDE Controllers, nVidia nForce2 chipset, other improvements.

Belarc Advisor has been updated to version 5.1n!

[07.02.2003]Intel has released the Chipset Identification Utility 2.80, which allows to identify the specific Intel chipset that is located on your motherboard.
[06.02.2003]The countdown for 3DMark03 has begun! Visit Futuremark for more information.

Futuremark has published 2 new 3DMark03 screenshots! Click here.

FreshDiagnose 5.50 has been released! This version contains a new module: System Slots.

NEW: Windows XP CD-R/RW Properties is an utility that allows you to view details about your CD-Recorder and the media that is inserted into the drive!

[05.02.2003]Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility 5.0 has been released!

[04.02.2003]CD/DVD Diagnostic 2.0.2 has been released! This is a minor update with some cosmetic improvements.

[03.02.2003]NEW: OpenGL Extension Viewer is a utility that reports information about the OpenGL driver of your 3D accelerator!

[02.02.2003]Massive Development, subsidiary of the publisher JoWooD Productions AG, has announced that they will publish a successor to its 3D benchmark program AquaMark 2.3 during this financial quarter. AquaMark 3 will be a fully DirectX 9-capable cutting-edge benchmark based on Massive Development's krass (tm) engine which also powers AquaNox 2: Revelation. The AquaMark 3 benchmark allows users to observe the new graphical techniques made possible by DirectX 9 and determine the performance of these features in a real world application.
Contrary to its predecessor the AquaMark 3 will be available for public download.

[01.02.2003]Alchemy Eye 4.5 has been released! Here's what's new: Advanced NT Event Log monitoring, Error Details Report.

[31.01.2003]Futuremark has published a 3DMark03 screenshot. Click here to view it.

NikNak 7.1.3 is available for download! It includes some minor improvements.

Belarc Advisor has been updated to version 5.1m!

[30.01.2003]MaxBench 3 has been released! Now it includes 24 demos and several improvements.

[29.01.2003]HostMonitor 3.64 has been released! This version includes 6 new macro variables, some minor improvements and bugfixes.

[28.01.2003]Please, visit our Forum! teqwiz has just started a new thread/poll asking you: what testing software do you feel, gives a good all around benchmark of your system? Cast your votes!
Please, note that you don't have to be a registered user to post in our forum, though it is advisable since registration gives you additional benefit!

WebServer Stress Tool 6.03 has been released! It fixes several bugs.

Test In One Minute has been updated to version 1.54!

[27.01.2003]SIGuardian 1.6 Beta (build 239) has been released! It contains some minor improvements and bugfixes.To learn more, please visit

[26.01.2003]HD_Speed has been released!

CPUCooL 7.1.8 has been released! New in this version: nForce2 chipset support, bugfixes.

[25.01.2003]Alex Van Kaam has released a patch for Motherboard Monitor, which updates the program to version and fixes a few bugs. The patch can be downloaded from the official site.

[24.01.2003]AutoBench 3D 2.0 Beta has been updated! New in this release: ability to turn on/off the automated search for supported applications, search using registry keys, etc.

CD/DVD Diagnostic 2.0.1 Build 57 has been released! This version includes some minor bugfixes and improvements, including the readability test, which now uses C2 error detection when this is available.

[23.01.2003]Alchemy Eye 4.4 has been released! Here's what's new: DNS server monitoring, automated reporting feature.

[22.01.2003]HMonitor has been released! New in this version: SiS 961-963 SMBus support, systems based on SiS645, 645DX, 648, 733, 735, 745, 746 are supported now, Ali M5879 sensor chip support enhanced, Nvidia nForce support enhanced, LowPowerMode for Nvidia nForce is supported now, etc.

Belarc Advisor has been updated to version 5.1L!

[21.01.2003]HWiNFO 4.88 and HWiNFO32 1.22 have been released! Most of their new features are common for both applications. Some of them are as follows: detailed information for ICH3 and ICH4, recognition of Matrox Parhelia 8x, 3DLabs Wildcat 4, enhanced support of Intel E7205, E7501 and E7505 chipsets, recognition of Barton-based AMD Athlon XP, identification of ATI All-in-Wonder 9000 and 9700 cards, enhanced support of Intel 852GM Montara chipset, etc.

AIDA32 Preview version 3.237 is available for download! It includes support for the latest hardware components and a full translation to Portuguese language.
TaskInfo 2003 RC1 has been released! This version can create a shortcut for the "Close Process" command, and it contains a few bugfixes and inprovements.

FreeMeter 2.7.5 is available for download! It contains some minor improvements and bugfixes.

[20.01.2003]HostMonitor 3.60 has been released! This version includes: a couple of new actions (Log Event and SNMP Trap), minor improvements and bugfixes.

[19.01.2003]HD_Speed has been released!

[18.01.2003]AutoBench 3D 2.0 Beta has been updated! Now it can automatically look for supported programs on all local drives.

[17.01.2003]Futuremark has released the first 3DMark03 Teaser (it requires WM9 codecs)! You can download the teaser from the official page (5.5 Mb)!

AIDA32 Preview version 3.234 is available for download! It includes support for the latest hardware components and a full translation to Catalan language.
[16.01.2003]AbpMon has been released! New in this version: alert on low resources, TCP/IP Input/Output graphs, total number of Windows, total number of open Win32 Handles, and more!

NEW: InteBench is an Internet benchmark program that actually gives you practical, real-world measurements of exactly how fast your Internet connection really is!

[15.01.2003]As you possibly know, PC Wizard is a powerful system information utility developed and supported by Laurent Kutil and Franck Delattre (the author of CPU-Z). It is not super-popular yet, but hopefully it has radiant future! Read our new review to know more about this noteworthy program!
Intel has released the Chipset Identification Utility 2.70, which allows to identify the specific Intel chipset that is located on your motherboard.
[14.01.2003]NEW: Linpack Benchmark is a numerically intensive test that has been used for years to measure the floating point performance of computers.

[13.01.2003]PassMark BurnInTest 3.1 has been released! New in this version: new mode in Audio test which allows loopback testing with the use of an audio loopback cable, DirectX test now uses DirectX 8, disk transfer rates are now reported in the disk test window, bugfixes, etc.

[12.01.2003]Alex Van Kaam has released a small patch for Motherboard Monitor, which updates the program to version and gives Asus A7N8X users a sensor with the name "Asus 5"! You can learn more about this sensor and download the patch from the official site.

Monitor Tester 2.01 has been released!

[11.01.2003]AutoBench 3D 2.0 Beta has been updated! Now it supports Serious Sam SE 1.07.

AIDA32 Preview version 3.229 is available for download! It includes support for the latest hardware components, a full translation to Gallegan (Galician) language, improved identification of Intel motherboards.
[10.01.2003]Motherboard Monitor has been released! This version has a wealth of new features and improvements, including: NForce2 support, LM85 support, MAX1989 support, better Via8231 temp & volt support, 3rd, 4th and 5th voltage subtype for Winbond 97HF, VIA debug dump, bugfixes, etc.

FreshDiagnose 5.40 has been released! This version contains a new module: Motherboard.

[09.01.2003]Prime95, an utility that is used to find Mersenne Prime numbers, has been added! In addition, Prime95 can be used to stress test the CPU, memory, caches, CPU cooling, and case cooling.

[08.01.2003]SpeedTest, a program that allows to measure network transfer speeds, has been added!

[07.01.2003]PassMark ModemTest 1.3 has been released! New in this version: capability to send a specified data file, to repeat the transfer of the information in the test file (within the same connection) and to introduce a delay between the the sending of these files (this was specifically designed to allow testing to the ITU V.56 modem standard), One-way data transfer.

[06.01.2003]Introducing a new section - Online Tools, which contains online programs and services (e.g. PC Pitstop, etc.)! Now all you need to test your PC is just a web browser!

[05.01.2003]PassMark MonitorTest has been updated to version 2.1! This is a minor release, which includes: loop mode to allow test screens to be displayed automatically in a cyclic manner, etc.

[04.01.2003]Fast Floating Fractal Fun, a program that tests the Floating Point performance of processors, has been added! Thanks to Daniele Paccaloni!

[03.01.2003]AIDA32 Preview version 3.223 is available for download! It includes support for the latest hardware components and a full translation to Polish language.
[02.01.2003]T4U-Toaster 1.6 has been released! This version can heavilty load your CPU for up to 60 minutes.

[01.01.2003]SMBIOSW, a program to display the DMI (Desktop Management Interface) and SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) information in your computer, has been added!

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